Central Asian Regional Water Network CAR@WAN was founded in November 2013 for capacity building and strengthening awareness purposes in the Central Asian region. The mission of the Network is to establish a scientific and informational platform to collect and exchange information and experience in water resources management.

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UNESCO reports that the World Water Assessment Program (WWAP) has issued a new document, Water and Migration.

The paper examines the relationship between water scarcity caused by climate change, youth unemployment and migration, and provides an overview of migration hot spots, particularly in countries in the regions of Africa, the Mediterranean, the Middle East and South and East Asia.


Every year the population is growing at a rapid pace, and water resources are decreasing. Experts predict that by 2050 people's need for water will double, although today in many countries people do not have access to water. According to the UN, about 2 billion people in the world are experiencing a permanent water shortage.

Water - the most common resource on the planet, but it is not all suitable for drinking and...

Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan noted the decade of the work of the first in Central Asia program on the uniform use and conservation of the water balance of transboundary rivers.

About the "water wars" of Central Asia already written and said a lot ...